New to CCM?

A major part of university life is sharing fun-filled, laughable moments with friends.

That’s why each year, our calendar is jam-packed with exciting student activities that will not only provide opportunities to form genuine relationships with fellow students, but will also leave you feeling a sense of belonging. Our events include CCM’s signature semester orientation event, annual CCM student conference, monthly campus lunches and our weekly campus outreaches.

At the very heart of CCM, our passion is to see people from all walks of life find a hope in God. Our vision is that through CCM, students will be able to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus and deepen their understanding of who God is and what his plan and purpose is for their lives.

All throughout the year, CCM hosts a number of life groups which take place every Friday evening. It is a great opportunity to meet new people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. Each Friday night entails a time of dinner, fun games, songs, fellowship and a Bible-based discussion. Life groups are not limited to CCM members, so all are welcome!

Our History

CCM was initiated in Monash University in 1991 and began to flourish. In 1995, CCM Australia was formed and had chapters in Monash University, Swinburne University of Technology, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and the Australian National University. The first national president was Dr. Wilson Lim, who incidentally was part of the leadership that initially formed CCM in Monash University. Ps. Victor Soo became the second national president in 1998. CCM continued to grow throughout Australia and by 2000 has campus chapters in most state of Australia.

CCM was established in the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology in 1994. Both campus groups continued to grow from its humble beginnings until today. CCM is now one of the most active Christian groups in UQ, QUT and GU with a membership exceeding 500. In 2009, the Student Union presented CCM QUT with the award of “Club of the Year’, `Most Active Religious Group’, ‘Website of the Year’ and ‘Poster of the Year. CCM UQ is now one of the largest Christian group.

CCM in Brisbane has pioneered many innovations to reach its objectives. It is a Christian club that has willingly opened its doors to students and members of the community regardless of race, culture or religious affiliations. CCM in Brisbane is constantly innovating new approaches during university orientations to promote the club and to reach new students.

Crossover: Forward in Faith

On 22‐24 April 2016, over 270 participants from University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Griffith University (GU) attended a 3 day 2-night conference organised by Campus Christian Movement (CCM). The theme for the conference this year is “Crossover: Forward in Faith” which aims to impart, challenge and inspire participants to win souls, make disciples and build churches.

Various inspiring sessions were conducted by the senior leadership team and also Ps Joshua that challenged participants that a crossover is possible in our personal lives and in our ministry. Through that, participants were challenged to have a bigger heart for His people and His church. Forums were conducted throughout the conference that aims to offer insight and practical tips for different challenges in life. Aside from the sessions and workshops, outdoor activities were organised on Friday night and Saturday afternoon which aims to promote effective team building skills and also heaps of fun!

Sunday was a memorable and joyous occasion where participants gathered around the pool to witness and celebrate brothers and sisters taking a step of faith to commit their lives to Jesus by being water baptised. The conference ended with open testimonies, where participants flooded to the front row of the hall, all eager to share what God has been doing in their lives throughout this conference. It has been an amazing time as we witnessed God’s grace at work within lives of the participants.

Overall, it has been an amazing 3 day and 2-nights with tears and joy as challenges have been overcome, chains have been broken, and the commitment to win souls, make disciples and build churches have been restored and renewed. Again, we stand in awe for what God has done and is doing in the lives of many ones.

The Committee


President: Victor Kwok
Secretary: Joyce Anna
Treasurer: Wan Yin Ling
Vice Treasurer: Grace Anna
Operations Manager: Jason Leong
Outreach Manager: Gigi Chau
Communications: Jamie Tan
Events Team:
  • Li Siew Ling
  • John Pang
  • Jone Vave
  • Roscoe Lai
  • Cynthia Gian
Sponsorship Coordinator: Laura Lai
Evangelism Team:
  • Heidi Cheng
  • Stephanie Lau
  • Elizabeth Liu
Outreach Administration Team:
  • Trini Kwok
  • Andy Yeh


President: Adam Wong
Secretary: Stephanie Alimin
Treasurer: Afra Yang
Operations Manager: Careen Tan
Communications: Joy Ngu
Communications: Yue Ming
Evax Coordinator: Tiffany Yuen
Events & Operations Team:
  • Michelle Fwah
  • Jiyen Loh
  • Michael Man
  • Ketrisha Loh
  • Ying Ying
  • Sam Anderson
Sponsorship Coordinator: Sirena Lam
Evax Team:
  • Jonathan Chan
  • Sarah Ng
  • David Kong
  • Hui Jean Lim
  • Alfred Leo
  • Derek Tang
  • Fiona Teo
  • En Ying
  • Regina Lai
  • Toby Adeleke
  • Paul Zhang
  • Kathy Chen

UQ Gatton

Pastoral overseer: Christina Quah
President: Cheah Zhong Xiang
Secretary: Lydia Tan
Treasurer: Lim Yee Yii


President: Isaac Long
Secretary: Emma Pham
Treasurer: Rhys McGoldrick


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