New to CCM?

A major part of university life is sharing fun-filled, laughable moments with friends.

That’s why each year, our calendar is jam-packed with exciting student activities that will not only provide opportunities to form genuine relationships with fellow students, but will also leave you feeling a sense of belonging. Our events include CCM’s signature semester orientation event, annual CCM student conference, monthly campus lunches and our weekly campus outreaches.

At the very heart of CCM, our passion is to see people from all walks of life find a hope in God. Our vision is that through CCM, students will be able to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus and deepen their understanding of who God is and what his plan and purpose is for their lives. With the CCM membership comes a CCM card that gives you access to discount at your favourite restaurant here in Brisbane, Cool!

All throughout the year, CCM hosts a number of life groups which take place every Friday evening. It is a great opportunity to meet new people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. Each Friday night entails a time of dinner, fun games, songs, fellowship and a Bible-based discussion. Life groups are not limited to CCM members, so all are welcome!

About Us

Our History

Campus Christian Movement (CCM) was first initiated as an idea which was then nursed for four years, but finally employed in 1995 by its first national president, Dr. Wilson Lim in Monash University, thus CCM was birthed. Starting with several chapters in various universities such as; Swinburne University of technology, The Australian National University, Monash University and more. In 1998 Ps. Victor Soo became the next national president, taking over from his predecessor but still pushing the same objectives and goals for CCM. Under his leadership CCM has grown tremendously throughout Australia such that, by the year 2000, CCM Campus chapters had spread across like wild fire, reaching most Australian states with over 500 members in Brisbane alone.

Who are we?

CCM Brisbane was established in 1994 in the University of Queensland and then Queensland University of Technology University, and is now one of the most active Christian groups in the following universities; University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University. We are a Christian club that willingly opens our doors to students and members of the community from all walks of life with one sole objective; to bring students to Christ and bring Christians together in a community of fellowship, service and love.

CCM Brisbane is affiliated with Hope church Brisbane as one of its mediums for connecting to the community, and as such we share the same mission, vision, core values and statement of Faith.


Life Groups

This is a small family that every CCM member is assigned wherein you will be loved, cared for and nurtured to grow spiritually, a family of students like you, from different countries and different walks of life, they are your Life group. Through life group meetings every Friday evening, over dinner and snacks, games and fun conversations, we bond over our faith in a loving God and father, sharing life’s struggles and fighting our student battles together, basically doing life together.

Sunday Service

We (All CCM life groups) meet up every Sunday in St Lucia with our brothers and sisters from our parent church Hope Church Brisbane, here our knowledge and faith in God are sharpened through sharing of the gospel. Testimonies of real-life encounters with God, wonderful worship and praise sessions pull us closer to God, there are revelations, healings, and breakthroughs, It is always a memorable time of fellowship together.

Prayer Meeting

One Tuesday every month all the CCM Life groups across Brisbane meet up at their individual locations for prayers, it’s a special time where we connect to God our father and seek Him out, and as a family we bring before Him our requests, worries and needs in unity as we believe that there is strength in unity. We pray together and for each other, as it strengthens our bond spiritually and physically, it's also a time to uplift one another and invest in each other's spiritual growth.

Unit Discipleship

Once every month, over dinner CCM Life groups study the Bible together, we learn of biblical characters, certain characteristics and attributes of being Christian, and learn more about our father (God). This is also a time of sharing personal struggles for spiritual and emotional support, learning from each other, and encouraging each other to carry on strong till the end of the week/month.

Evangelism and Lunch
On Tuesday and Wednesdays at lunch time CCM members in UQ, GU, and QUT campus walk around campus and preach the gospel in groups, talking to fellow students about God, showing love and lending helping hands through prayers.
It’s all about the very small and big things, from engaing new students in conversation to make them feel welcome, giving out notes of encouragement, having luch while discussing the gospel or just singing and sharing laughs. CCM has one goal, to share the love of christ with students however and whenever.

Pay It Forward
Once every semester, CCM engages in a “pay it forward” activity, which entails CCM members giving out snacks, beverages, hand written notes, vouchers and gift cards to students on UQ, GU, and QUTcampus.
With one sole aim, to show love, and bless people, but also create a rippling effect with the goal of blessing and putting smiles on the faces of thousands of students through the few that we can reach. As individuals are gifted these items they are encouraged to bless someone else and so it continues.


Thank God for saving me! Praise the Almighty Lord!

I grew up in a Buddhist family but I was exposed to Jesus Christ when I went to a Catholic school in my younger days. In the beginning, I recognised that there was someone called Jesus that died on the cross to sacrifice his life for all. Yet, I chose to be a Buddhist because of my family's strong Buddhism tradition.

There came a day when I had to leave my comfort zone and pursue my studies in Brisbane. I met people who invited me to Campus Christian Movement (CCM) life group and got a chance to know God again. But at that time, I thought that God was not necessary as long as I am a good person. I also thought that to achieve something, I need only to depend on myself and work hard because God could not help me. So, I stopped joining life group for a while. Though this did not last long as I encountered problems and started to lose direction in life. 

So I decided to contact the friend who first brought me to life group and asked if I could join the group again to help ease my mind. Indeed, she replied yes, and in that life group I told her my problems. She prayed for me and encouraged me to pray even though I am not a Christian because God loves everyone. I felt better that night, and from that day onwards, I started to grow in knowing God more and decided to attend life group and church service frequently. At the same time, I prayed and asked God to reveal himself to me and proved to me that his presence is real.

One day, problems came knocking on my door again, and I could not find a solution. Hence, I decided to ask God for help by praying three times in total. Amazingly, God answered all my prayers! Not once, not twice, but thrice! God revealed himself to me and proved to me that he will save me from my sufferings and will always be there to look after me.

After some time, I started to think if I should accept and follow Christ in my life. However, accepting Christ is not an easy decision for me due to the strong Buddhism tradition in my family, and I was expected to live by it. As I was struggling to make this life-changing decision, I prayed and asked God once again to convince me that I should follow him for the rest of my life. Undoubtedly, the prayer got answered yet again! How would I not be impressed? Therefore, I decided that Jesus is that one I would follow, praise and worship and surrender my life to!

This is my story on how I came to accept Christ in my life, and I am glad that I made this decision. I found peace and became more focused on all the things I wanted to do. Thank God for saving me! Praise the Almighty Lord!

Weekly Life Groups

Queensland University of Technology

The start of CCM QUT was really a leap of faith, the process of registering a new club on campus was quite demanding; from the compulsory registration fee to the requirement of a minimum of 20 members. But as always, God was faithful to keep His promise of favour which earned us the approval of QUT Chaplain and the support of QUT students Pre-believers and believers alike. Thus CCM QUT was established in 1993, a testimony of God’s providence. CCM QUT has been up and running for over 20 years and today boasts of 5 different Life groups; QUT 1- QUT5, with multiple units within them and an average of 23 members per unit. Currently operating on Kelvin Grove and Garden point campuses CCM QUT stedfastly bears CCM's overall vision of ‘A university generation for Christ'. From monthly campus evangelism to weekly campus lunch, CCM QUT endeavours to indulge QUT students in learning and living the gospel of Christ, while making friends and having a good time as well.

University of Queensland

The Campus Christian movement in Australia was first established in The University of Queensland in the year 1994, and since then has grown to be the most active religious club in UQ as per the ‘Religious Club of the year’ award given to CCM UQ.

Being the biggest chapter of CCM in brisbane, CCM UQ has 10 different Life Groups scattred across 2 of UQ’s Campuses; UQ St Lucia and UQ Gatton, also cutting through to UQ’s School of Pharmacy; PACE. All 10 life groups embody diversity and unity in the body of Christ, each unit from UQ1- UQ10 are specifically designed to reach out to different students in different fields of study - For example, UQ4; one of CCM UQ life groups caters to the IES (International Education Services) Foundation students. With several Life goups and meeting locations scatterd across brisbane, it makes it easy to be commited in addition these small groups are more comfortable and inter personal, making it easier to form bonds and grow together in Faith.

CCM UQ Life groups engage in different activities, from the good old captain’s ball every Sunday evening followed by dinner and rounds of board and card games. They engage in road trips, brabeques, picnic, and other thrilling advetures together, these groups are small families, where members share happy and sad moments together, pray for each other, give listening ears, comforting words, and encouraging nudges. This is the context because love is the foundation, the foundation to enable you walk a life that is God centred while facing the challenges of being a student.

Griffith University

CCM re-pioneered the Griffith University life group in 2014 by few members from QUT life group all committed to reaching out to students (Christian and non-Christian) in Griffith University in response to the need for a Christ centered community for fellowship. The becoming of CCM in Griffith University has definitely been a very challenging Journey from its inception in 1997, a vision strongly cherished and expressed by pioneer Warinda Bongkotmart. This vision was fueled by the love for God and his people, and a passion for Christ centered fellowship within youths, it struggled to bloom with oppositions and restrictions from the student union who eventually yielded in 2002 and permitted the establishment of CCM as Christian club in Griffith University.

It has since grown tremendously as 20 students have accepted Christ into their lives over the past 5 years, student leaders emerging in audacious faith to serve God and students dedicatedly. CCM continues to bring the gospel to Griffith University campus through Friday life group meetings at 6pm, and other group activities such as the ‘Hunter Games’ that was held on the 13th of July 2018 at the Griffith Nathan campus. From time to time they engage in road trips, movie nights, and combined dinner to bond and ‘do life together’.

In September 2018, Griffith University awarded CCM’s GU Life group the award of ‘Religious club of the year’ which further highlights our efficiency and commitment to our cause of bringing the gospel to students and bringing Christian students together under the umbrella of love.



The CCM conference 2019 and the 10th anniversary, are you ready? It will be grand, life changing and fun, as you will encounter the refreshing presence of God yet again.

Inspired by all the wonderful ones preceding it, from 2010 ‘Unleash’ to 2018’Audacious’, the CCM conference 2019 will be a celebration of God’s faithfulness, grace and might through the last 10 years.

It will be held at the very cozy and entertaining Watson Park Convention Centre. More details to come soon

Stay in touch!!

CCM Conference 2018

Audacious: No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regret

On the 13th of April 2018, all roads led to Watson Park Convention Centre, ushering 300 people into what would turn out to be a 3-day-long exhilarating experience in the presence of God, The CCM Conference 2018 themed Audacious; No reserve, No retreat, No regret. The theme would charge and inspire students to live audacious, fearless, purposeful, and Christ-centered lives. Hosting students from University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith Universities, the conference was a youth Christian camp of sorts, including all the fun and spiritual breakthroughs that would construe.

Kicking off with the first session on Friday the 13th, it was exhilarating and energetic, beginning with Pastor Joshua challenging everyone to boldly trust God and strive to grow beyond their comfort zones, thus ushering everyone into the next 4 sessions. From the undiluted spirit-filled worship sessions, to team building activities, fun games, to the celebration with several brothers and sisters who openly proclaimed their faith and committed their lives to live for Christ through water baptism. The last day, Sunday the 15th was the Cherry on the cake for the whole experience, ending with open testimonies, stories of revivals, healing, breakthroughs, it was really uplifting to see God’s grace at work in their lives.

In all, it was an amazing experience, with moments of tears and laughter, as each of the sessions carried hard-hitting and challenging messages such as; The need to trust God with no regrets, advance in the spiritual race wholeheartedly with no retreat. Not to mention the mouthwatering and delicious meals that attendees were stuffed full with. The conference set in motion continuous revivals and breakthroughs as attendees were encouraged to carry on all that was learnt and experienced beyond Watson Park on to their individual lives, trusting and anticipating God’s mighty move daily in preparation for the next CCM conference come 2019.

CCM Concert 2018: Unravelled Love is ____

The first-ever CCM concert rhetorically themed “Unravelled: Love is____” was one worth witnessing, as it was a platform purposed to conjure and celebrate God’s personality, Love - as we believe that He is the true definition of love –through songs, band performances, a short film and good food. It would go on to reveal new insights into what pure Love should look like and even using real-life challenges as examples, expatiate on how God is always present loving us faithfully. Fairy lights hung from end to end, bean bags and picnic chairs for seats, twin tents out back each with vendors cooking sausages and noodles individually, while preparing hot drinks; hot chocolate and coffee. This was the scene, an open-air barbeque/picnic-type concert in the cold of a winter evening; Friday the 27th of July 2018, and by 6.30pm, students began pouring in, onto The University of Queensland's Natural Amphitheatre. Soon after, the curtains swung open to reveal an exiting 3-minute dance performance of The greatest showman's ‘The greatest show dance'. Afterwards, it was time fun the fun and games session of the evening, as volunteers were called up to the stage to participate in games such as Fastest talker, Best singer, and even a dance-off, with 15 cool gifts given out to winners, the food and snacks stations were opened for service. Following the excitement from the entertaining games, the concert kicked off on a high at 7:15 pm, featuring one very intriguing short film that was spread across the concert time as it flowed with solo and band performances all love centre. As the plot depicted a love-centred yet void family and their journey to discovering true love, the God kind of love. True love that is Love is patient and kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts always hope, always perseveres, and never fails. Between the performance of melancholic songs such as Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and the shuffle back to the very engaging film, emphasized the reality of the movie thus enabling audience to share in the emotions and feeling of the characters. Some other love defining songs that were performed include; the greatest showman's ‘This is me', Cyndi Lauper's ‘Time after Time' and Hillsong’s ‘This is living’. Nearing the end of the night, the movie ended with a monologue; "We love because we were first loved. Love is not a feeling, love is not a moment, Love is… Divine. And now these three remain Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love". Thus answering the question posed by the theme; Unravelled love is divine. On that note the concert ended with an announcement of the hashtag ‘#unraveled#loveis#divine' after which came a time of reflection as a real-life testimony of true love experienced was shared. Ending with a bang, by 8:45 pm attendants were still glued to their seats mingling, taking pictures and eating while being serenaded by the band, thus marking the start to finish in the grace of the first ever CCM concert. It was an impacting experience, the rhetorical theme was one that provoked deep thought on the concept of love by questioning and defining true love, a concept that we struggle to see or identify in the face of trials and struggles. I look forward to the next CCM concert in excitement and so should you.

The Committee


President: Sam Anderson
M: 0451 086 100


President: Jason Leong
M: 0459 422 213


President: Adrian Lim
M: 0478 147 655

2018 Sponsors (To be updated)

Brisbane City

  • 4 Fingers - 15% discount on all orders with representation of members card at payment
  • Bull Bar Restaurant - 5% discount (except for Drinks & Specials)
  • Formosa Asian Market - 5-10% on Selected Items
  • Fruit Life - 10% off single product or 15%off purchase over $35
  • Kadoya Japanese Restuarant - Free miso Soup for every meal purchase
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  • Momo Chicken - 10% discount (drinks excl.)
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  • Taste Gallery - 5% off on all items


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Kelvin Grove

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  • Gelateria Cremona - 10% discount
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  • Heart Thai Food - Free can of drink with any main meal

St Lucia

  • Anything Catering - 20%-50% or more discount depending on pay for catering
  • A Salt and Battery - Calamari and chips for $10. Fish and Chips for $10. Student basket for $13
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West End

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