Updates On Covid-19

CCM’s position on Campus Activities (As of 15.03.2020)

In view of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we understand that different ones have concerns regarding our CCM campus activities. Upon discussion, we decided to continue with our weekly campus activity as long as Universities are still open.

However, be assured that we are closely monitoring the situation in universities and constantly reviewing our activities almost on a daily basis. At the meantime, we are suggesting these precautionary measures to protect ourselves and others.

Our suggested precautions:

  • Try to avoid talking to people who are sick
  • Minimize physical contact with people
  • Have shorter conversations with people. According to the Queensland Health guidelines, around 15 minutes.
  • Try to do outreach in open space areas

However, if any committee is uncomfortable with coming to the campus activities, please let Bryan Chow / Hannah know that you won’t be attending, and we can make alternative arrangements for your groups.

Ultimately, we believe that CCM is called to be the salt and light on Campus. While taking necessary precautions, we’re believing that this vision and mission for winning souls don’t change. Let’s continue to look to God in faith and encourage our life groups to take this as an opportunity to share the hope that we have.