Weekly Lifegroups

Queensland University of Technology

The start of CCM QUT was really a leap of faith, the process of registering a new club on campus was quite demanding; from the compulsory registration fee to the requirement of a minimum of 20 members. But as always, God was faithful to keep His promise of favour which earned us the approval of QUT Chaplain and the support of QUT students Pre-believers and believers alike. Thus CCM QUT was established in 1993, a testimony of God’s providence. CCM QUT has been up and running for over 20 years and today boasts of 5 different Life groups; QUT 1- QUT5, with multiple units within them and an average of 23 members per unit. Currently operating on Kelvin Grove and Garden point campuses CCM QUT stedfastly bears CCM’s overall vision of ‘A university generation for Christ’. From monthly campus evangelism to weekly campus lunch, CCM QUT endeavours to indulge QUT students in learning and living the gospel of Christ, while making friends and having a good time as well.

University of Queensland

The Campus Christian movement in Australia was first established in The University of Queensland in the year 1994, and since then has grown to be the most active religious club in UQ as per the ‘Religious Club of the year’ award given to CCM UQ.

Being the biggest chapter of CCM in brisbane, CCM UQ has 10 different Life Groups scattred across 2 of UQ’s Campuses; UQ St Lucia and UQ Gatton, also cutting through to UQ’s School of Pharmacy; PACE. All 10 life groups embody diversity and unity in the body of Christ, each unit from UQ1- UQ10 are specifically designed to reach out to different students in different fields of study – For example, UQ4; one of CCM UQ life groups caters to the IES (International Education Services) Foundation students. With several Life goups and meeting locations scatterd across brisbane, it makes it easy to be commited in addition these small groups are more comfortable and inter personal, making it easier to form bonds and grow together in Faith.

CCM UQ Life groups engage in different activities, from the good old captain’s ball every Sunday evening followed by dinner and rounds of board and card games. They engage in road trips, brabeques, picnic, and other thrilling advetures together, these groups are small families, where members share happy and sad moments together, pray for each other, give listening ears, comforting words, and encouraging nudges. This is the context because love is the foundation, the foundation to enable you walk a life that is God centred while facing the challenges of being a student.

IES Foundation

CCM IES (International Education services) is the newest branch of CCM, as it was pioneered by 3 former CCM QUT members in 2006 and has since grown its membership to over 10 people. This counterpart of CCM is mainly for IES (International Education services) Foundation students with the purpose of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to international students. Also creating a platform for socializing and easy assimilation into Australia, as it can be daunting moving to a new environment, alone.

CCM IES provides a series of unique experiences and activities that are tailored to suit the annual calendar and schedule of the IES program, thus catering to the individual members.

It is a group of Men and women who love God and are eager to share this love with others, through studying the Bible, praying together, sharing in challenges and successes, providing emotional and spiritual support, basically doing life together. CCM IES is working on growing its membership as a means of winning souls for God and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to more people in Brisbane.

Griffith University

CCM re-pioneered the Griffith University life group in 2014 by few members from QUT life group all committed to reaching out to students (Christian and non-Christian) in Griffith University in response to the need for a Christ centered community for fellowship. The becoming of CCM in Griffith University has definitely been a very challenging Journey from its inception in 1997, a vision strongly cherished and expressed by pioneer Warinda Bongkotmart. This vision was fueled by the love for God and his people, and a passion for Christ centered fellowship within youths, it struggled to bloom with oppositions and restrictions from the student union who eventually yielded in 2002 and permitted the establishment of CCM as Christian club in Griffith University.

It has since grown tremendously as 20 students have accepted Christ into their lives over the past 5 years, student leaders emerging in audacious faith to serve God and students dedicatedly. CCM continues to bring the gospel to Griffith University campus through Friday life group meetings at 6pm, and other group activities such as the ‘Hunter Games’ that was held on the 13th of July 2018 at the Griffith Nathan campus. From time to time they engage in road trips, movie nights, and combined dinner to bond and ‘do life together’.

In September 2018, Griffith University awarded CCM’s GU Life group the award of ‘Religious club of the year’ which further highlights our efficiency and commitment to our cause of bringing the gospel to students and bringing Christian students together under the umbrella of love.